Grilled Cheese Troop 728 style Recipe



-cheddar or mozarella cheese (square slices)
-bread (preferrably white)


-2 burner stove (really, any stove works)
-fish-slice (the thing you use to flip pancakes)
-1 butter knife
-1 cooking pan


1. Put a pat of butter on the pan (you'll have to do this a few times to keep your cooking space from burning.)
2. Butter one side of the bread, put that side facedown on the pan, and put a slice of cheese on the upturned side.
3. Butter another piece of bread, and lay that on the other piece of bread like a sandwich (this one's butter-side up.).
4. After 20+ seconds, flip the sandwich so the open butter side gets cooked.
5. 20 seconds after that, check under the sandwich to see if it's ready. If it's ready, it will have turned slightly orange. If it's not ready, wait 10+ seconds more.
6. Enjoy!

CommentYou'll need more than one person cooking it, because it's a very quick process.

Troop 728, Beaverton, OR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recipe ContributorKory Andersen


Date Entered02-Apr-2006

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