Taco Soup Recipe



1 pound of hamburger
1 can of whole kernel corn
1 package of williams taco season (or your favorite)
1 can of ro-tel chiles and tomatos
1 can of black beans ( or your favorite beans) mix in your favorites
1 bag of fritos corn chips


Dutch oven
large serving spoon
can opener
works best served in bowls


brown meat, drain off fat, stir in everything else ( juice and all) let simmer for at least a half hour.Serve with fritos corn chips

CommentThis is a easy and cheap recipe for those on a budget. I always divide the grocery list up among the scouts and let them bring the canned goods in. To make more, just double or triple the ingredients list. Also may be good with Deerburger too!

Recipe Contributormatt lee (troop 60 BSA)


Date Entered07-Mar-2006

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