Corned Beef Stew Recipe



Tin of corned beef
1 Onion per person
1 Carrot per person
1 Potato per person
Water (about 100-150ml per person)


Mess-Tin or Pot
Tinfoil (to cover mess-tin)
Campfire/Hot coals
Metal grill (optional)


Cover mess-tin/pot in tinfoil, to avoid burn marks. Chop carrots, potato, onion and put into mess-tin/pot. Next, put corned beef in and as much water as you think is nescessary not to make the meal too dry. Put mess-tin/pot onto coals/grill. Cook until vegetables are tender.

CommentPersonally, I like to substitue the water with tomato juice and then eat the rest of it on bread. Makes very good bread filling. My grandfather used to use this recipe when he was a scout over 50 years ago and it is still used today.

Recipe ContributorMalta Scout


Date Entered20-Feb-2006

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