cherry cake cobbler Recipe



2 cans of pie cherries
2 boxes of vanilla cake mix
1 can of original Sprite


dutch oven
metal spoon
can opener


open both cans of cherries. dump them into the dutch oven and spread them around evenly with the spoon. next, open the two boxes of cake mix and dump the mix on top of the cherries. spread that evenly with the spoon so that the cake mix covers the cherries. open the can of Sprite and pour it in a swirl-like pattern over the cake mix; with the back of the spoon spread the cake mix and Sprite around over the cherries until the cake mix turns to batter. set oven over hot coals and pile hot coals on top of lid until completely covered. leave for about 30 minutes; enjoy!

Commenttime may need adjusting depending on coal's heat intensity; if cobbler isn't done after 30 minutes, just re-pile the coals and continue cooking.

Recipe ContributorJulianna King


Date Entered17-Jul-2005

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