Camp fire French Toast Recipe



Loaf of uncut French or Italian Breab
12 eggs
1 cup milk
Corn Flakes
Powdered Confectionary Sugar
Vermont Maple Syrup


Charcoal Grill, Gas Grill or Fire with a grill over it.


Have a nice hot fire going (No flames if using wood fire). Slice bread into 2" slices. Mix eggs w/ cup of milk. Take corn flakes and crush in a baggie, add cinnamon about 2 Tsp. into baggie.Dip bread slices into egg mixture and then put bread slices into baggie with crushed corn flakes & cinnamon. Shake to cover bread slices. Put on grill and cook until lightly browned.Take off grill and put on plate. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, add butter and pour on syrup.
Will feed 6.

CommentWe love this when we camp. This usually will feed 6 people or 4 depending how hungry everyone is. Enjoy.

Recipe ContributorPaul Haggerty


Date Entered16-Jun-2005

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