Easist Roasted Chicken Dinner Recipe



Whole chicken
whole sweet potoatoes
whole onions
fresh green beens
season salt


hot coals
tin foil
eating utensils
tabletop or large serving platter


Before leaving home season and double wrap chicken in foil. Wrap individually each potatos and onions. Wrap approx 4 - 6 servings of beans in foil, sprinkle with water and butter, seal well. Dig a whole in your coals leaving some on the bottom and bury all your foil packages with hot coals trying to surround each, especially the chicken, make sure it has plenty of heat. Let them roast for 30-45 min listening for them to sizzle. No need to turn if you have plenty of hot coals. You may want to remove the beans first, then onions, then sweet potoatos, then chicken. Open foil and spread out on a table for everyone to get their share.

CommentChicken can be seasoned,wrapped and frozen anytime and placed in the ice chest for campout. It works like an ice block and cooks up just as good but you may need to cook for an hour.

Recipe ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered07-Sep-2004

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