Troop 82 Goo Recipe



2 large jars salsa prefer type with veggie chunks (Southwest style)
2 LBS Cheap hamburger
2 bars of cream cheese
2 8 oz bags of shredded cheese I use Mexican or taco flavored
2 or more bags of tortilla chips for dipping
Optional Hot sauce I prefer Preditor or Daves Insanity DO NOT add to pot!


Large Dutch Oven
Large Metal Spoon for stirring


Over a hot fire add hamburger and brown (cover and stir frequently)Do not drain off
Add salsa heat until bubbling (cover and stir frequently)
Add cream cheese allow to melt completely (cover and keep stirring)
Add shredded cheese (you got it cover and keep stirring until melted)
Allow mixture to bubble, It's now ready to serve.
For easy clean up dip right out of the pot!
Serves about fifteen to twenty scouts

CommentThis is a dip for a troop snack it was invented for a cooking demonstration for a group of cub scouts. You can just cook the dip or you can prepare as we do in Troop 82.
Each patrol/pack needs to have a skit prepared to perfrom in between the adding of the ingredients. Involve as many of the scouts as possible in the stirring and adding of the ingrediants.

Recipe ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered23-Apr-2003

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