Blazing saddles Recipe



1 tin Baked beans, 1 tin hot dog sasauges, tin of corned beef and chilli sauce (can add other ingredients if liked such as tinned tomatoes or tinned kidney beans as well)Grated cheese (such as cheddar)


Billie can, Grater (or use pre-grated cheese)spoon, knife


1) Put baked beans into billie.
2) Cut hot dogs into 2cm long pieces and add to beans (the optional ingrdients would go in at this stage.
3)mix with the chillie sauce to taste and heat mixture and simmer for 5 minutes
4) cut corned beef into cubes and stir in for the last minute.
5) serve in bowls sprinkled with cheese

CommentServing suggestion: nice with hot french stick or ciabatta bread

Recipe ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered09-Aug-2002

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