Cowboy Dinner Recipe



1 Small potato
2 Slices of cheese
4 rashers of bacon
Half an onion
50g of minced beef


Hot embers
Tin foil


On a peice of foil (approx 20cm2)lay 2 rashers of bacon side by side in the middle of the foil.
Then put some thin slices of onion over the bacon.
Next put 2 slices of potato over the onion.
Then the 2 slices of cheese.
More potato.
Then the minced beef.
and then the other 2 slices of bacon.
Fold the ends of the bacon over in order to cover the sides of the food pile.
Fold the foil over the food, then fold the ends in tight to prevent the food falling out.
place in hot embers for around 15 minutes each side

CommentThis is per serving, and is a real favorite here in the uk. Ideal for Backwoods cooking.

Recipe ContributorAdam Tattersall


Date Entered30-Dec-2001

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