Fish Curry Recipe



For 4 persons.
1 kg of fish(whole), curry powder(made up of several spices normally from India),oil,salt,onion,garlic,2-3tomatoes and ginger.


A large frying pan and a fire source.


Cut the fish in 4 pieces.Fry them in hot oil and remove them.Remove the oil from the pan leaving apptroximately 4 ml for further cooking.Chop the tomatoes, garlic, ginger finely. Put a measure of 2 spoons full of the curry powder in a small bowl and add some water to make a solution. Allow the oil to become hot and put the chopped incredients in plus some salt. Add the solution made and some 10 ml of water. let to cook for 3 mins. Add the fried fish pieces to the boiling pan and allow to cook for some 5 mins.

CommentDon't let the fish fry too much since it will become too hard for eating.

Recipe ContributorJerome Felicite


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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