Fried Turkey Recipe



12 to 16 lb bird, Marinade, Peanut oil and only peanut oil! anything else and you'll be sorry! About 3-4 gal. get 5 to be sure.


Turkey kit;pot, stand, thermometer, High pressure propane regulator.


Use injection marinade, I cut mine 50/50 with italian dressing. heat oil to 375. use gloves when dropping bird into oil, it splashes. Cook 3 1/2 min per #. Bird will be very dark and very moist, you'll never want a dry oven baked bird again.

CommentWATCH CHILDREN! THIS IS VERY EASY AND COOKS ITSELF! DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED! DON'T FORGET IT! OIL BURNS SKIN! One bird feeds approx 15, more for cubs less for scouts/adults. The cajuns invented it, and the Texans perfected it.;

Recipe ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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