Hot Chili Recipe



1 can of kidney beans
 <br>1 can of water
 <br>1 can of diced tomatoes with peppers
 <br>6 drops of tabasco sauce
 <br>1\2 cup of taco sauce
 <br>two cups of macaroni
 <br>dash of garlic salt
 <br>dash of parsley flakes
 <br>dash of salt and pepper.


1.big boiling pan
 <br>3.can opener


put the kidney beans in with a can of water.
 <br>Then put the can of tomatoes in.
 <br>Now let the the bean and tomatoes boil
 <br>stir ever five minutes.
 <br>after those are cooked put in six drops of tabasco sauce in.
 <br>Then put in the half cup of taco sauce in.
 <br>Now put in the macaroni let that boil with every thing else.
 <br>Now you put in a dash parsely flakes, garlic salt and the salt and pepper.

CommentDanger it could be hot so drink milk with this meal

Recipe Contributorryan olsen


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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