Black Forest Cobbler Recipe



1 Chocolate cake mix
 <br>1 Cherry pie filling
 <br>1-2 Hershey bars(you can never have too much choclate.)
 <br>chopped walnuts if your crew likes 'um


Dutch Oven


Cherry pie filling in first
 <br>then add the cake mix
 <br>(if your cake mix calls for eggs and or milk by all means add it for a richer texture. It will still work with out it though.)
 <br>Mix only if you add eggs and milk.
 <br>Add the walnuts if the crew will let you.
 <br>Break up the Hershey bar on top so it will melt.
 <br>cooking time approx 45 min.

CommentBest when eaten in the dark
 <br>still warm
 <br>How about ice cream?? Got milk?

Recipe ContributorJohn Lauder


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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