Spiced Chicken Kebabs Recipe



5 chicken breasts (cut into bite size chunks)seasoned with a little salt
200ml natural yoghurt
handful of fresh coriander (chopped)
4 grated galic cloves
2inches fresh grated ginger
chilli paste or powder
spices (1tsp coriander, 1/2tsp cumin, 1/2tsp garam masala, 1/2 tsp ginger)


metal skewers for barbecueing (or wooden ones soaked in water)
bowl for marinating chicken


-put all ingredients (except chicken) in a bowl and stir until it is all mixed in *add chilli to your own taste, you know how hot you like it:)
-add chicken and stir so tha all of the chicken is coated in the yoghurt mix, then leave to marinate for AT LEAST 2 hours (overnight would be best) *you can do this in the morning before you go and take it with you in a bag or tupperware box, this will save you time and the chicken will have lots of time to absorb the flavour!
-thread the chicken onto the skewers making sure its still really well covered in the mainade then cook over the campfire.
-when the chicken is cooked... EAT!! these are really good in wraps with salad and rajta (indian yoghurt dip)

Commentas a non-american scout looking at the (curry) recipies on this site, it has come to my attention that americans seem to know NOTHING about making a decent curry, so as well as this chicken i'm going to put a dutch-oven lamb rogan josh recipe on here, PLEASE if you like this try the lamb one!

Recipe ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered17-Oct-2012

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