Troop 130 Bensalem Mega-pancake Recipe



Milk, Eggs, flour, vanilla cake icing, sugar.
(chocolate chips if desired by your troop.)


Whisk, big bowl, dutchoven.


EYEBALL UNTILL YOU BELIEVE IT IS JUST RIGHT(TASTE BEFORE COOKING.) Add flour,Milk,two eggs.Stir until thick. Add vanilla icing. Stir until acceptable thickness for a pancake. If more ingrediants needed, Add more. Then pour batter into dutch oven. close lid and cook on fire until golden brown. CHECK EVERY TWO MINUTES FOR CAUTION OF BURNING.

CommentWe all just eyeballed it. Add enough ingrediants until you have enough for the troop.TASTE IS EVERYTHING SO TASTE BEFORE YOU COOK.

Recipe ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered06-Jun-2011

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