Biscuit & Gravy Recipe



2-cans of biscuits
1-stick of butter
4-packages of preferred gravy(add water)


Dutch oven,bowl,Prepare charcoal(25pieces)


1.Rub the inside of the Dutch oven with cooking oil.2.Place 15 pieces of charcoal under the oven and 10 pieces on top.3.Place in the Biscuits rub some better on top of the biscuits.4.Put the lid on the oven and bake for about 20 mins.5.While they are cooking you get the gravy ready as on package.6.Check them after 10 mins if they are golden on top they are done.

CommentHave Breakfast in about 35 to 40 mins

Recipe Contributor Christy Allen


Date Entered14-Mar-2009

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