Fajitas Recipe



1 pound of thin sliced strips of beef, chicken or pork
 <br>oil to fry with
 <br>1 onion sliced in long strips
 <br>1 bell pepper sliced in long strips
 <br>1 lime cut into sections
 <br>1 pound of grated cheese
 <br>salsa or chile sauce


Frying pan


Add oil to large frying pan. When hot add strips of meat and fry until brown. Push meat to the side of the pan and add onion and pepper and fry until tender. Put some of the meat on across the center of a tortilla, top with the fried onions and peppers, and then top with cheese. Squeeze lime and sprinkle juice over the meat. Optionally, sprinkle salsa or chile sauce over. Roll the tortilla up and eat. This should make 6-8 fajitas.

CommentIt is best to cut the meat, onion and pepper ahead of time and put into zip lock baggies. Most excellent meal after a long hike.

Recipe ContributorLoren Evans


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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