Cherry/Pineapple Dump Cake Recipe



2 Betty Cocker Yellow Pudding Cake mixes, 4 Pats butter, 1 Large Can Cherry Pie filing, 1 large can Pineapple pieces, 1/2 cup water


#14 Dutch oven
1 Large Spoon


Start charcoal, line dutch oven with heavy duty aluinum foil (twice), place dutch oven over about 14-16 coals, pour in both cans of fruit, dump in both cake mixes, spread lightly. Add 4 pats butter cover and cook for about 30 min. or till golden. Feed about 8 boys. after done lift out foil, wipe, re-oil, reheat and your done

Commentcan be made with any combination of fruits, or cake mixes, just try a few.

Recipe ContributorJimi Avery


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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