Troop 28's Cheese Potato Chili Recipe



 <br>1 1/2 - 2 lbs. Ground beef
 <br>1 Onion
 <br>1 - 2 Green peppers
 <br>1 14 oz. can Tomato Sauce
 <br>Potato - Cheese Sauce:
 <br>3 Dried Chile Piquins
 <br>4 Green Chile, chopped, seeds removed
 <br>1 Red Chile, chopped, seeds removed
 <br>1/2 cup lemon juice
 <br>1/4 teaspoon salt
 <br>2 cups Cheddar Cheese
 <br>1 cup Heavy Cream
 <br>2 tablespoons Olive Oil
 <br>8 diced Potatos


2 frying pans


In one frying pan, brown ground beef. In second, mix piquins, lemon juice, heavy cream and salt. Stir until boiling. Add this to brown meat and beat until smooth. In the now-empty second pan, heat oil slowly and add cheese-meat mixture. Simmer until sauce gets thick.(5-10 min.) Decorate with onion and chile strips.

CommentThis is really good to make on a weekend overnighter in the spring or fall. Not to mention really tasty!

Recipe ContributorTim Hedden


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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