Bear Stew Recipe



2# Stew beef, 2-3# lean Ground beef, 2 med. onions, 2 lg. cans 'country style' Mixed Vegetables, 1 large can Shelli-Beans, 2 cans diced tomatoes, 2 cans Lima Beans, salt & Pepper
(For larger groups (more than 8) add 1/2# of Ground Beef per person)


6 Qt. or larger pot
Knife & cutting board


Dice onions and put in pot, place Ground Beef on top of onions and cook (covered) until Ground Beef is browned (turn as needed). Add canned vegetables and Stew Beef (cut into approx 1/2" cubes. Add water to cover all ingredients. Salt and pepper to taste.
Boil until Stew Beef is fully cooked.

CommentThis has always been a favorite of my Troop, as well as the guys on my fishing trips.

Recipe ContributorRon Herald


Date Entered06-Jun-2008

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