Rick's Award Winning Cherry Cobbler Recipe



3 cans Comstock dark cherries
3 cans Comstock sweet cherries
2 jiffy cake mix
2 cans crushed pineapple
1 box brown sugar, 1 packet butter buds, 1 container of ground cinnamon - mixed together for multiple uses
1 stick of margerine


#12 deep dutch oven
30 charcoal briquets


coat inside of oven with stick of butter to prevent sticking.
place 12 white hot bricquets around top.
1st layer use: dark cherries, pineapple then sprinkle 1 jiffy box to cover. Spinkle cinnamon mix about 2 spoonfulls.
second layer as above. place top on oven.
cook for 45 minutes or until smell drives you crazy after 45minutes

Commentoptions: add walnuts if ALL parents agree!
any fruit can be used even mixed fruit.

Recipe ContributorRichard Timmons


Date Entered02-Jun-2008

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