Breakfast Egg and Bacon Muffins Recipe



1 doz. eggs; 1 lb. bacon; 1 pkg. of sliced cheese; 1 pkg. of plain or sourdough muffins; condiments of mayonaise &/or ketchup &/or salsa are optional


cooking stove (preferably)
 <br>skillet (cast iron preferably)
 <br>large spoon


Cook bacon (save grease for cooking fried eggs); fry eggs in bacon grease (those who prefer scrambled eggs must wait til all fried eggs are done or cook them in another pan). Have boys split muffins in two, put condiments on muffins, place slice of cheese on muffin, place bacon on cheese and line up for fried eggs hot from the pan.

CommentThis meal will feed a patrol plus an adult or Jr. Troop leader. Enjoy

Recipe ContributorBenny Latham


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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