Foil Bisquits Recipe



Bisquit or Ready made, Butter (Squeeze or stick)




Foil should be long enough for the bisquits to be laid out in a line. Place enough butter on the foil to completly coat it. Place bisquits in the center and seal foil. Make sure the foil is a little baggy around the bisquits. Rap in another strip of foil and place directly on the coals. Turn every minute. Depending on the heat will be done within 5-8 minutes. The butter acts as the grease and you don't need to butter them when they are done.

CommentTook my scouts (WEBELOS)for an outing where everything was cooked without pot or pans. They became very inventive and now this is our way to make bisquits.

Recipe ContributorByron Workman


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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