Raisin From Jamaica


Raisin From Jamaica


 <br>a chair


 <br>a boy sitting as "king"  <br>one or two "bodygaurds"  <br>three boys as "servents"


 <br>King asks first servant "What have you brought me for my birthday?" The servent replies "Gold." The king says " I already have plenty of gold, take him away." The bodygaurd/s take him away. The same senario for the next servent except the second servent has silver in place of gold. The last servent presents the king with " I have brought you raisens from jamaka" The king is pleased and the third servent is not hurt by the bodygaurd/s. The same exact thing happens the next year. And the year after that all is the same except the third servent comes to the king and says "I am sorry, sir, but my pet rabbit, jamaica, has died and I have no more raisins."  <br> THE END


Maynard Ferguson


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