Raisen Bran farm


Raisen Bran farm


at least five scouts, big black plastic garbage bags, and a farmer outfit


one scout wears farmer costume the rest wear garbage bags with holes for head and arms.


"raisens" (scouts wearing garbage bags) dance in a circle singing, "It's the raisens that make the raisen bran so great" reapetedly untill the "farmer" comes out. the farmer says "Hi I'm farmer _______(scout's name) You can call me farmer _____ and I am the owner of this raisen farm. And today I am looking for the fattest raisen." All raisen then try to make themselfs look as skinney as possible. Farmer then picks one and takes scout off stage. This happens repetedly with farmer saying different ones like I'm looking to take the tallest raisen, saddest raisen, the best singing raisen, ect. Untill there is only one raisen left. Then the farmer says "I'm looking for a raisen who is hiding and dosn't want to come with me." The raisen looks confused and then finally decieds to run up to the farmer and looks like a raisen that wants to come with the farmer and farmer takes raisen off stage. Note: whatever the farmer wants the raisens to be the raisens acts oppisite.


Ferdinand Tretter


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