Raiders of the Wind


Raiders of the Wind




Good when done at camporee campfire (lg audience)  
Need two 'sleepers' and four 'raiders'


Two campers bed down for the night. One pretends to crawl into a tent the other sleeps 'under the stars.' After they settle one raider who is in back of the audience yells "From the North!" the next raider yells "From the South" The next "From the east" and last "From the west" Then all together they yell "Raiders of the wind!" and swoop down (from different directions) on the campers and 'attack' the camper in the tent. After the raiders leave, the camper in the tent awakens the 'under the stars' sleeper who, of course, saw and heard nothing and thinks the tent sleeper is crazy. They settle down again and the raid is re-enacted. After the third re-enactment the the tent sleeper, who has had enough, convinces the "under the stars' sleeper to trade places.  
The raid occurs again only this time one of the raiders happens to notice that there is a second person outside the tent and tells this to the other raiders. They decide to "get" the new person who of course is the original attackee.


Hugh Philbrick


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