Quisedilla's 87


Quisedilla's 87


flour tortillas, butter(tub or squeeze is best), chicken (we use canned or left-overs from a previous meal so it is really already cooked-make sure it is in small pieces or break it up with a fork), refried beans (can use canned or if you have some bean dip that works too), shredded cheese, picante sauce (other toppings optional--if you also want to top with things like sour cream, olives, guac. etc) You can add other things to the "filling" --hamburger, steak, peppers, picante, etc


skillet, spatula, spoons(we use to smear butter and beans), foil (we use as plate to reduce cleanup), vittles kit


make sure tortillas are smaller than skillet so edges of quisadilla cook, set out all ingrediants and make sure they are ready to use as the quisadillas cook very fast. Warm skillet until bead of water sizzles (usually med to med H heat), put a light layer of butter on a tortilla and drop into skillet, put some chicken pieces on top, add a sprinkle of cheese, take top tortilla and smear some refried beans on it then put it (bean side down) on top of the tortilla in the skillet. Smash with spatula, immediately coat top of tortilla with a thin dab of butter and turn over to toast the bottom. Bottom only takes a minute or two. Pull off and serve with picante or other toppings




fast, hot meal; each individual can make their own or the patrol cooks can make for everyone; not many dishes dirties so easy cleanup. Just watch the heat in the skillet and be ready to move fast on adding ingrediants so your 'bottom' doesn't burn. Our pack and troop boys love to make and eat these and many also make them at home with their families after they learn how.


Fran Stephens


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