Push, Duck, Bong


Push, Duck, Bong


3 scouts.




Scout 1 acts like he is walking up a tower and acts the motion of pushing a bell, then ducking and then the bong.(he says push duck bong as doing it). Then he goes down. Then he gets down as scout 2 walks by. Scout 1 says, "Hey do you want a job?" Scout 2 says, "Sure." They walk up the tower and scout 1 tells him the steps, push, duck, and bong. Scout 2 pushes it and doesn't move, so scout 2 saves him at the last second. Then scout 1 explains the duck part again, and this time scout 2 pushes it and says quack quack like a duck and scout 1 saves him again. Then for the last time explains it to him once more and says he won't save him this time. Scout 2 pushes it again and gets hit and acts like he is falling then hits the ground while scout 1 runs down the tower and says, "Oh, no! My faith full assistant!" Then scout 3 walks by and says, "Hey, do you know this guy?" Scout 1 says standing over scout 2, "I don't know him, but his face sure rings a bell."


sean lawrence


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