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At the Catholic church I attend, there was a small shirne to the Virgin Mary in a corner of the church grounds. It was used for various prayer services by the church. It basically consisted of a couple stepping stones, an old benc and a concrete pad for the statue of Mary to rest on.

With a group of scouts, help from a local nursery and the parish, I created and built a new patio for the shirne to rest on. To fund the project, I sold bricks that parish members could have the names of loved ones engraved on. I believe we layed 1,500 bricks total, with about 200-300 engraved, added a new bench and improved the landscaping. In addition the money that was left over in the account was divided and donated to two charities: The ALS foundation for Lou Gherigs disease research and SPICE, a special needs education program for catholic schools.

The project inspired another group of parishoners to later come in and build a 9 foot stone grotto that encased the statue and provided a beautiful back drop to my project.

ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered03-Mar-2005

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