Professional Pick pockets


Professional Pick pockets


3 wallets that look alike  
2 large scouts and 1 small scout  
and one person being the narrator


stash each person with onw wallet


have the small scout stand in the cevter of the other scouts with each of them being about ten feet away from the small scout on both sides.  
the narrator says "look at these 2 pick pockets the are the best in the world. you will not be able to tell that they rob this young man"  
then the two large scouts both walk in front of the little scout and just barely bump into him.  
then one large scout holds out the wallet.  
narrator "see you could not tell. now we will slow it down a little bit so you can see"  
now the large scouts do the same thing as they did before but they walk slower and when the get up to the smaller scout they bump into him a little harder than before. and the other large scout has the wallet  
narrator "now we will slow it way down so you can tell how fast these men are "  
this time the large scouts walk up to the little one and pick him up and turn him upside down and shake him untill he drops a wallet.  
now t  


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