Pranks By Billy


Pranks By Billy


You'll need a mustache, a simbraro, a cup, hot sauce, ketchup, a nail, and an arrow.


cast: a mexican, a prankster 1,2&3 and billy


prankster 1 walks in with a nail through his fingers covered with ketchup and says to billy you gotta help me dude.Billy says I'll get some bandages. Prankster 1 says gottcha and pulls the nail from his fingers. billy rolls his eyes and then sits down and takes a sip of his drink. Prankster 2 sneaks up with a bottle of hot suace and pures it in his drink. billy takes a drink and screams. The Mexican then says man this guy is weak. after that Prankster 2 says gottcha and exits. finally prankster #3 walks on with an arrow on his head and says billy you gotta help me. then Billy says I'm not falling for that one and prankster 3 says fall for what and falls over


troy smith


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