Positive Attitude


Positive Attitude


Scouts, a good positive attitude can truly change the way you approach life, and your future. Let me illustrate with a short story.  
A few years ago, there was a wildlife organization out west, that offered a bounty of $5000 for wolves captured alive .  
It turned two friends, Sam and Jed, into fortune hunters. Day and night they scoured the mountains and forest looking for their valuable prey.  
Exhausted one night, they fell asleep dreaming of their potential fortune.  
Suddenly, Sam woke up a bit startled, to see that they were surrounded by about 50 wolves with searing black eyes, and bared teeth.  
He nudged his friend and said “Jed, wake up! I think we’re rich!”  
Gentlemen, Sam had a positive attitude.  
I hope you do.


Dan Boschert


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