Poor Conductor


Poor Conductor


six scouts, two chairs, table, plastic gun or scouts fingers, hammer.




Setting: On a train.  
(3)passengers are on the train when the Conductor comes up.  
Conductor: (holding a gun at the passengers) I'm a  
poor conductor, give me all your money.  
Passengers: WHAT?!  
Conductor: (Still holding gun) I said, I'm a poor conductor  
give me all your money.  
Passengers: ( run over and "PRETEND" to beat up conductor)  
the passengers then take the conductor in front of a judge.  
Judge: ( Banging Gavel) What's this man doing here?  
Passengers: He tried to kill us and take our money.  
Judge: (to Conductor) Why did you try to rob these people?  
Conductor: I'm a poor conductor. I needed the money.  
Judge: What?!  
Cunductor: I'm a poor conductor. I needed the money.  
Judge: (banging gavel) I sentence you to the electric chair.  
Executioner, take the prisonner to the electric chair.  
Executioner takes Conductor to a chair and straps him in and throws the switch.  
Conductor: (bounces around in the chair acting as though he is being shocked.)  
Executioner: Hummm? ( he checks the conections and straps and turns up the power and throws the switch again.)  
Conductor: ( bounces around in seat again.)  
Executioner: (checks one last time) I'll turn it all the way. (then turns power to full and throws the switch)  
Conductor: (bounces around furriously making lots of noise.)  
Executioner: ( turns switch off, runs over to the conductor and ask.) That was enough electricity to kill an elephant. Why are you still alive?  
Conductor: I told you I was a POOR CONDUCTOR.


Robert Vaughan


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