Polish Trainwreck


Polish Trainwreck


potatoes, cabbage, onions, sweet corn, 2 lbs of kielbasa. Stack in oven in that order make sure lid is down and it fits. Break ears of corn in half. add one quart of water. Season potatoes with adobo seasoning before putting in pot or before serving


12" deep dutch oven


Cook oven from the bottom only. 9 coals on bottom for on hour. shield from wind. Have support when removing the lid because it smells so good your knees wobble and I don't want you to fall into the fire.


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Credit goes to a forest ranger cook book by National museum of forest service history ISBN 1-58685-761-4 a very good book for dutch oven cooking. Name comes from the fact we call all D.O. meals that have meat and potatoes and veggies jumbled a TRAINWRECK because of the haphazard arrangement. This is Polish becase of the Kielbasa which I thank every Polish person for bringing to America.


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