Plight of the Frier's


Plight of the Frier's


Small table, 5-8 plastic flower pots of different sizes.


The Frier's= 2-6 boys.  
Florest= 1 boy  
Florest's mother = 1 boy dress as a woman  
Hugh= Largest boy in the pack or troup, or adult leader.  
Narrator (optional).


"A long time ago, a group of Monks, then known as "Friers" had a small problem with money. They had to pay the morgage for thier new church that was just built. But where to get the money? One smart Frier suggested a Flower Shop. "Who wouldnt by flowers from the men of God?" So it was decided - a flower shop it would be.  
The boys setup a "flower shop". They could have blankets to simular monk hoods. Have a few volunteers enter the shop to simular a thriving business.  
Then enters the florest:  
"Dear Friers, I am the florest from the other side of the village. Since you have opened up your fine shop, my business has been horrible. Could you please choose another profession? If you dont, i'll surely go out of business!"  
Friers: (huddle and decide)  
"Dear son. I'm sorry but no. We need this shop to pay for our church."  
(florest exits, sulking)  
Narrator: "A week later, the florest sends his mother to try to convince the holy men to close thier shop"  
Florest's mother enters.  
Florests mother:  
"Please good friers, my son, my ONLY son is starving. His business is almost gone. Wont you PLEASE close your shoppe?  
I'm sorry maam. But we need this business to pay for our new church.  
(she exits sobbing)  
Narrator: "The florest is at his whits end! In desparation he askes his friend Hugh, the biggest, toughest man in the village to distroy the friers flower shop.  
In walks Hugh.  
Hugh walks up to the table and throws a few pots, and flips over the table. The Friers are run away (off stage).  
Hugh: And if you open your shop again - (in a Arnold voice) "I'll be Back!"  
Narrator (moves to center stage): So what's the moral of our story? The moral is, Hugh, and ONLY Hugh can prevent Florist Friers!"


Timothy Lindgren


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