Plastic Bag Breakfast


Plastic Bag Breakfast


Eggs  <br>Sausage  <br>Tortillas  <br>Salsa  <br>Cheddar cheese  <br>Optional: onions, green peppers, japalenos


Pot for boiling water  <br>Aluminum foil for heating tortillas  <br>Tongs for removing bags  <br>Spatula  <br>Frying pan


Brown the sausage in a frying pan. If desired, saute onion, green peppers and japalenos.  <br>Crack one egg into a boil-safe, locking plastic bag (note that normal locking plastic bags may not be boil-safe, see manufacturers information on the package to make sure bags are safe for boiling). Add two tablespoons of sausage (or onions, green peppers, etc.). Seal bag. Mix the bag's contents by squishing the outside of the bag with your fingers.  <br>Place bag in boiling water. Cook until egg is done. Egg should be in the shape of a hot dog weiner.  <br>Place tortillas between two sheets of aluminum foil and place atop boiling water while eggs are cooking. This will soften the tortillas.  <br>Once the egg is cooked, remove the bag with tongs. Remove cooked egg from the bag and place into the tortilla. Add shredded cheddar cheese and salsa (don't put the cheese in the bag and allow it to cook with the egg - it sounds like a good idea, but it doesn't work).  <br>Roll tortilla into a burrito.  <br>


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This is a fun recipe! The burrito ingredients may be varied to suit your taste.


John Yarbro


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