Planting Corn


Planting Corn


Two Scouts or more. If there are more than two scouts, then each action can be done separately. Dig the hole, plant at the seed, cover the hole, watering, as many parts as needed, up to a point of course. All participants speak the punch line.


None needed, except to verify who is doing what in the skit. Works best if at least three or more other skits have gone before it. Scouts need to speak the lines loud and clearly.


First Scouts kneels on ground, scoops out hole, pretends to drop something into hole, then covers it up. Moves froward, and repeats. Second Scout is watching, or can be with audience. After at least three or more "plantings," he walks over to kneeling Scout and asks, "Whatcha doing?" First Scout: "Planting Corn." Second Scout: "Where'd you get it?" First Scout: "FROM ALL THOSE OTHER CORNY SKITS!!"


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