Pirate Teamwork


Pirate Teamwork


-Pirate costumes if you want -A board representing "the plank" (or just pretend) -a toy dog or dog costume for a boy


Set plank to one side of stage area where boys can pretend to jump off the "ship"


[Captain stands center stage pretending to steer the boat] [Crew members approach captain from side not by the plank. Speak from the side of the captain so you can still face audience but seem to face the captain. Don't go stand in front of the captain!] Pirate 1: Ahoy, Cap’n! I just dun finished swabbin’ the deck! Captain: Great cooperation, lad! Now, would you mind helpin’ me out by walkin’ Daplank? Pirate 1: *gasp of terror* [go walk the plank] Pirate 2: Arrr, Cap’n! I just dun finished hoistin’ the sails! Shall we set sail to plunder for treasure now? Captain: Great teamwork, lad! Before we set sail, I needs ya to help me out by walkin’ Daplank… Pirate 2: *gasp of terror* [go walk the plank] (If you have more boys, you can have them report back to the captain for other odd jobs... raising the anchor, Batten down the hatches, hoisted the Jolly Roger, etc.) Captain: *shakes head* Arrr… no spirit of cooperation here… looks like I’ll need to take you on a walk meself, Daplank! C’mon, let’s go… Daplank the Dog: Arf! Written & Submitted by Fiona Feickert Kaysville UT Pack 356 Bear Den Leader & Troop 356 Advancement Coordinator (In honor of Cooperation Month Theme & National Talk Like a Pirate Day)


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