Pioneers drumsticks


Pioneers drumsticks


Dough: Flour, yeast, salt, water (20gr of yeast to 300gr of flour)  
Forcemeat: Any kind of chopped meat, salt, pebber, your favorite spices, cornflakes, eg (optional)  


A wooden stick. min 5 feet long  
A campfire with good coals.


Dough: Dissolve the yeast in a cup of water. Mix the water/yeast with flour an salt. Knead it.  
Forcemeat: Mix all the ingreediences so that the consistency is very firm.  
Put the forcemeat around the top end of the stick; approx. 20-30 cm.  
Take the dough and put it around the meat. The most easy way to do it, is to role the dough in to a long "sausage" with the size of a thumb. Press it flat. Now you role it around the meat.  
Now you have a "Drumstick".  
Roast it over coal. Be very patient. A tip: The more meat and dough you put on your stick, the longer the roasting will take. Some times it´s faster to make to small "Drumsticks" than one big.  


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I learned this recipe on my Gilwell-training in 1994 in Denmark. I´m danish so hopefully I´m excused for my poor english.


Bitsch René


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