Pink Pajamas


Pink Pajamas


I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when its hot. I wear my flannel PJs in the winter when its not. And sometimes in the springtime and sometimes in the fall... I jump between the sheets with NOTHING ON AT ALL! WOOP! CHORUS: glory glory HALLELUHA, glory glory whats it to ya balmy breezes blowin' through ya with nothing on at all. NOTHING ON AT ALL. nothing on at all. Verse 2: I wake up in the morning with the sheets above my head. My itsy bitsie toesies are a hangin outta bed. And three times outta four times im lieing on the floor I AINT GONNA DRINK MY MILK NO MORE! WOOP! CHORUS

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really get in to it it, is a VERY fun song


Poptart (thats my camp name)


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