Percy the Pale Faced Polar Bear


Percy the Pale Faced Polar Bear


Waaaaaaaaaaay up in the land of ice and snow where the temperature drops to 40 below, who's the happiest one up there? Percy the pale faced polar bear. Sleeps all day and then at night, catches his fish by the pale moon light, has no worrys has no caaaaaaares. Percy the plale faced polar bear. Then one day a hunter cam, grabbed poor percy by the snort, put him in a great big cage. (spoken) Percy howled and he growled but he couldn't get out. (sung) Now he's living in a zoo. Funny thing he likes that too, cause he meat his girlfriend there. And she loves, Percy the paled faced polar bear.


Waaaaaaaaaaay up in there in the ice and snow: point upward Where the temerature drops to 40 below: hold up 4 fingure then point down. who's the happiest 1 up there: smile and put index fingures on the corner of your mouth. Percy the pale faced polar bear: make a "P" in the air, do a circular motion with your hand infront of face for pale face, and put your arms the way you would hold a baby and swing back and forth for polar bear. sleeps all day: make pillow with hands and pretend to sleep. cathes his fish: pretend to be reeling in a fish with a fishing pole. by the pale moonlight: wave hands in a semi circle above head then one day a hunter came: put elbow in a hand, make gun with other hand move hand up and down, like your shooting the gun. grabbed poor percy by the snout: hold your nose. put him in a great big cage: make a griant square with fingures. Percy howled and he growled: make hands look like bear hands and wave them infront of your face like your trying to break the bars on the cage. but he couldn't get out: shrug shoulders. now he's living in a zoo: make a "Z" with fingures. funny thing he likes that too: say really fast cause he meat his girl friend there: put hands over heart and she loves: make heart in the air with fingures.

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