Percy the pale face polar bear


Percy the pale face polar bear


wayy up in the land of ice and cold where the temputure drops to 40 below theres a bear that we all knowwww chorus: hes percy the pale face polar bear, grr he sleeps all day and then at night catches fish by pale moon light has no worries has no cares... chorus then one day a hunter came grabbed poor percy by the nose. put him in a great big cage... but he howled and he growled and he couldnt let out now hes living in a zoo funny thing is he likes it too cuz he met his girlfriend there and she loves... chorus then one day the found the key now there living happy free and they have a family... chorus


percy: swirl finger in front of face the pale faced:move hand in front of face po-lar: right hand across then left, both on dhoulders bear: one hand on nose grr: hands out like claws

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