Penguins Attention


Penguins Attention


Penguins attention, Penguins begin Have you ever seen a penguin come to tea? Take a look at me a penguin, you will see. After sixth time through, sing Penguins Attention, Penguins HALT.


At the first singing of "Have you ever seen..." start flapping left arm up about 30 degrees from your leg and then back to your leg. On second time through, flap right arm (up when your left arm is down and down when left is up). Continue with left arm moving, so both should be moving. On third time through, lift left leg out to side when left arm is up (and right arm is on leg). Continue with both arms. On fourth time through, lift left leg out to side when right arm is up (left arm is on leg.) Continue with both arems and left leg. On fifth time through nod head up and down, continue with both arms and both legs. (Be careful, this can make you dizzy and move forward.) On sixth time through, spin in a circle, while flapping, kicking and nodding. At end - STOP!

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This is a great song I learned from a girl scout, but it was fun for the Poles Apart theme. And the boys had fun moving around. Be careful that no one gets too dizzy while bobbing their head and that no one hits anyone else while flapping arms and legs.


Amber S


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