a cup with ten or so pencils in it, newspaper, 1 UNSHARPENED pencil, 6 scouts, a chair


have scout 2 put the unsharpened pencil up his nose and hide it behind the newspaper. sit scout 1 on the chair


The badly dressed scout(scout 1) sits in a chair with the pencils in hand. Scout 2 with the extra pencil and newspaper stands over to the side reading the newspaper. Scout 3 walks by and and stops in front of scout 1. He asks, "what do you have there?" Scout 1 just raises up the cup. Scout 3 keeps asking and gets the same response. Frustrated, scout 3 walks away. Scout 4 (who saw the whole conversation) walks up and says, "Hey buddy? Are you trying to sell those?" Scout 1 just nods his head. "Well, you need to tell you customers what you are selling." Slowy, He teaches scout 1 how to say "pencils." Then he says, "There! Now try to sell them!" and he walks over to the side and watches.  
Scout 5 walks up and says, "Hey buddy, what do you have there?" Scout 1 replys, "Pencils!" Scout 5 then says, "How much are you selling them for?" Scout 1 looks bewildered and says "Pencils?". This keeps going on until Scout 5 walks away. Scout 4 comes back over and says, "Hey! You need to tell them how much you are selling them for! Now, how much are you selling them for?" Scout one just holds up 5 fingers. Scout 4 says, " 5 cents?(scout 1 nods) Then, tell them '5 cents'" He then teaches scout 1 to say 5 cents and walks over to the side.  
Scout 6 walks up and says, "Hey buddy, what do you have there?" Scout 1 says "Pencils!" and holds up the cup. Scout 6 says, "How much are they?" Scout 1 says, "5 cents!" Scout 6 says, "Well,....I don't want to buy one." and walks away. Scout 4 comes over and says, "Hey buddy, when somebody says'I don't want to buy one', what you need to say is 'If you won't some body else will!!" He then teaches Scout 1 to say "If you don't somebody else will!!" Then he says, "now go over there to that man and sell him some pencils!" and walks away.  
Scout one goes over to scout 2 and shoves the pencils through the paper and says, "Pencils!" Scout 2 lowers the paper revealing the pencil stuck up his nose. He angerly says, "Hey, buddy. What are you doing? How much are you trying to sell yourself for here?" Scout 1 replys "5 cents!" Scout 2 says, "Do you want me to beat you up?(he sticks up his fist)" Scout 1 replys, "If you don't, somebody else will!!" Scout 2 chases scout 1 off the stage.


Wes Trundle


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