6 Pence


6 Pence


I've got 6 Pence.(Hold up 6 fingers)  
Joly, Joly, 6 pence (Hold up 6 fingers)  
I've got 6 pence, (Hold up 6 fingers)  
To last me all my life.  
I've got 2 pence to spend (Hold up 2 fingers)  
And 2 pence to lend,(Hold up 2 fingers)  
And 2 pence to send home to my wife, (Hold up 2 fingers)  
Poor wife. (Hold finger to eye as if to wipe away a tear)  
No care's have I to grieve me, (wipe forehead)  
No pretty little girls to decieve me. (hold hands out on each side of face, and shake head back and forth)  
I'm happy as a king!(hold hands next to head, fingers pointing up and lifts them quickly)  
As we go rolling rolling home, ROLLING HOME(keep hands in a rolling motion throughout out whole rolling home part.)  
Rolling home, ROLLING HOME!  
Rolling home, ROLLING HOME!  
By the light of the silvery moooon (hold hans in air and wave them back and forth)  
Happy is the day when the Johnny get's his pay,  
As we go rolling, rolling Home. (Roll hands again)  
Repeat song again, saying 4 instead of 6 and taking away one of the 2 pence and replace it with no pence. Then repeat again doing 2 pence, and then no pence.


They occur as the song goes on

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This is a song I learned from the Chaplain at Yawgog Scout Reservation in Rhode Island.


The Unknown Scout


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