5-7 scouts one scout stays off stage that scout is Pebbles. Another scout stands on stage.




One at a time, a scout comes up to the scout on stage who is scout 1. Scout 1: Watcha Doin? Scout 2: Throwing Pebbles in the lake. have you seen any? Scout 2 stands at side of stage and acts like there looking for something. Scout 3 walks up to scout 1. Scout 1: watcha doing? Scout 3: Throwing Pebbles in the lake have you seen any? Goes to side of stage and looks for something. Each scout does this. Pebbles runs up and hides behind scout 1. Scout 1: Excuse me? Who are you? Pebbles: SHHH! I'm Pebbles! Their trying to throw me in the lake! All scouts on side of stage: THERES PEBBLES! GET HER! Scouts run after pebbles off the stage. Pebbles


Lori Anne Classio


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