Parmesan Chicken


Parmesan Chicken


Skinless, boneless chicken for each person. 2 26oz cans Spagetti sauce or large jar. (I experiment with different flavors like Sweet pepper, anything with Mushroom or any basic Marinara is a good place to start. 1lb Grated mozzerella. Country Pasta Egg Noodles (available in the dry pasta section of the store)


12" or 14" Dutch Oven  
Any Dutch Oven tool you may need


Heat Dutch Oven with coals on top and bottom. Place chicken in oven. Cook for a few minutes on each side. (Meat will begin to turn white) Pour sauce over chicken. Cook for 30 to 45 minutes stirring frequently. While chicken cooks, put noodles on to boil. Cook according to directions or until soft. Take oven off bottom heat. Take cheese and cover top of meat and sauce. Replace lid and allow to melt cheese. Place noodles on plate and cover with chicken, sauce, and cheese. Season to taste.


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Great Meal for a final camp meal or when parents come to camp. It is easy to get guys to learn to use a dutch oven also.


David Kester


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