Panda Bear


Panda Bear


Camp chairs for each participant, towel, fake gun, Boy Scout Handbook


Practice... Set up two chairs on one side of the campfire and four more on the other side


Two Scouts enter and sit in the two seats. They pretend to be eating a meal. The "Narrator" announces the scene is a fancy restaurant. He then steps out and quickly returns with a towel over is arm as the Maitre De' with a party of four more Scouts. He seats them at the other four chairs and leaves. The four act like they are reading menus and have a conversation:  
1st Scout "Boy, this is a nice restaurant!"  
2cnd Scour "I'll say, Its the nicest place in town!"  
3rd Scout "Yeah, this is really nice, but I can't believe they would let an animal eat in here."  
4th Scout "What do you mean?  
At this point, one of the two Scouts "Eating" stands up, pulls a fake gun and loudly shoots the other Scout. He clutches his chest and falls out of his chair "dead". The shooter quickly runs out of the council ring.  
1st Scout "Did you see that?'  
2cnd Scout "That animal shot him! What kind of animal would do that?  
3rd Scout "Well, I think it was a panda bear."  
4th Scout "Let me look it up in the Scout handbook" He thumbs through the pages and says "yup, it says right here, Panda Bear; Eats Shoots and Leaves." Everyone grabs their chairs and runs out before the groaning starts.  
This will have the quick witted half of the group laughing and the slow witted ones asking what is so funny


Edwin winfrey


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