Palmerstone Nature Trail


Palmerstone Nature Trail


There was a pre-exisisting trail already started for an elementary school. My Troop went in and we cleared the paths 10 ft. across. This school needed wheel chair accessibility. We lined the path with down trees so the students had a well marked path. Then we added five benched along the trail. I made five shadow boxes- 1. animals native to the area, 2. animal tracks, 3. native trees, 4. ant farm (there was an ant farm on the premises I just set it up for observation, 5. leaves. We added two track boxes - a small one and a large one. Then we replaced two bridges so that they were 4 ft. across to make them wheelchair accessible. Then for the finishing touches we added 12 birdhouses, three bird feeders, and three bird baths.


Ferdinand Tretter


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