Order of the Sticks


Order of the Sticks


5 scouts, 2 chairs, 4 sticks (like drum sticks), a bucket, a towel or washrag, and a large bucket of water.


Set up the chairs facing each other with the upside-down bucket between them.


The first scout acts as leader of the Order of the Sticks. He selects three unsuspecting victims from the audience and tells them they have been chosen to be in the Order. Have each scout be led away by a guide where they can't see or hear what is happening. Back at the skit area, position the bucket of water behind something to hide it, and have it behind the victim's chair. The fifth scout brings back each victim and his guide one by one. Each scout has to pass "the test" when they get back. Have them sit in the chair and repeat what the leader does (in the other chair). The leader and the victim each have two sticks, and the leader bangs the sticks on the bucket like a drum in different patterns and has the victim repeat after him. The leader has to stand up during all of this and get the victim to also stand up. Be sure to make lots of noise and yell a lot. Meanwhile, the fifth scout sneaks up behind the victim and puts the wet towel in the victim's chair. Then the leader sits down, and the victim sits in the wet towel. Do the same for the second victim. For the last victim, have all of the scouts dump the bucket of water on him/her. (Don't let the victims know that they are victims.)


George Stasny


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